Friday, 27 January 2017

Catch up time

Well time is just flying by and I don't get to blog as much as I like as other things seem to take up my time.  If you follow me on Facebook, you'll probably get more info than waiting for me to post on my blog.  any way....
We are now coming to the end of another house sit, so we're off down to the Gold Coast for an undetermined amount of time. Hubby has picked up part-time work, so we're just gonna hang around the area until he decides what he wants to do.

In the meantime I've been doing very little sewing, but did make this for my sister in law for Christmas. Loads of buttons, beads and stitching. She did like it.
I'm still working on the Silk Ribbon Embroidery App, hopefully by the end of the year at this rate.
Well I will try to blog more,


Friday, 23 September 2016

I've been making purses

A sewing Set and Purses for gifts and orders. They have turned out to be better than I thought.
Complete sewing set:
 Pin Keep:
 Scissor Keep:
 Purple purse with Beetle (front):
 Side view:
Back, they lady wanted it with her friends initial:
 Second one for another friend with her name this time:
 Lined inside:
 Third one, different colour, front:
 Lined on the inside also
This is the last one, not yet finished.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Catching up and the new App

We are still house sitting at Burrum Heads, we will be here until mid October. Enjoying a lovely winter, although I have had to make a rush trip back to Warwick and it was very cold and wet there.
I'm currently doing a class with the Monday craft - Spring Blooms. We will also do a trip to Fraser Island before heading south. One place I've always wanted to see.

I am also working on the next app, Silk Ribbon Embroidery. Here's the new logo for the App. This app will be a purchase one, but it will not be expensive, I just need to recoup some of the money that Apple demands for creating them, it might be Free for you, but not for me. By the time I've finished I would have worked over 1000 hours into this app.

Also a sneak peak at one of the Free projects that will be in the app - a Bookmark.
I've finished creating all the new 'tips' for this app, there are many, including dyeing, storing, creating backgrounds etc, as well I have finished the stitching for all the stitches. I still need to create the 'flower' stitches and finish off the second free project and create a couple of paid projects. I hope to release in October, which could be a push, but I'm gonna try.

As for the Android version, well we are still working on it. Not sure how long, as it is now left in Chris's hands to finish off, as I have done all I can.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Southern Cross Crazies - Round robin - finished

I really enjoyed this round robin, only the three of us in our group. Claire and Maureen embellished my blocks amazingly. Our project was a sewing set - Scissor Keep, Pin Keep, Needle book and glasses case. I decided to change my glasses case into the top of a box.
Here are the before:
 Glasses Case (now the box lid)
 Needle Book
 Pin Keep
Scissor Keep

And the after:
 The set once constructed.
The box lid with a Silver work Pink Beetle.
The contents inside the box.

Do you like the Thread Bobbins, they can be downloaded free here, just click the link.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

New Update is here........

Hi All,  Well the new update for our Embroidery App is now in the store. We are eager for you to download this update and receive your feedback. Click the iTunes link on the left.
One of the new Free projects in the update is to create these Embroidered Bookmarks that compliment the Book Cover project.
  The Projects use many of the new stitches in the update.
 One of those new stitches is Cast-on Stitch.
A personal favourite of mine, Palestrina Stitch is also in the new update.
We've added a few other features too. A search function within the Stitches list, so you can jump straight to that stitch you need.

We've added some more useful items, with a few more planned for the new apps and future app updates.

We haven't forgotten the Android users either.  Chris is working very hard to get it finished, there is a lot more coding involved in Android apps, where Apple has most of the coding done for you. 

These apps still take 100's of hours to create, with this in mind, please consider a purchase copy, which is now available without the ads.

Looking forward to your feedback on this new update, please share to get the word out.


Sunday, 5 June 2016

Apple App Version 2 update

Well it's almost there. Do you like our new flash and bright logo.

The new update has been downloaded to Apple for them to review so we can begin testing, which should only take a few days, testers are standing by.  Then we can submit for approval. Hopefully only a week or so to go.

Yes Chris is hard working on the Android, and hopefully it won't be too far away from testing either.

I have already started working on our new new project - Silk Ribbon Embroidery App. Hopefully it will be released later this year.  There is a lot of work involved in these, so I do hope you support us by buying a 'Ad Free Version'.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

App Update and In-App Templates

The New Apple Update is only weeks away. When it is released the App Templates will only be available via the App, not on this blog. 

We are testing right now, so it won't be long now. The answer is also YES to the Android version, still a month or two away, but we are working diligently on it. Developing this type of App takes a lot of time to create, so please be patient a little longer.

In the new Apple update there will be 12 new stitches: 2 new Basic Stitches, 6 new Intermediate Stitches and 4 new Advance Stitches. We've also included in this update 4 more Useful tips to assist you with your embroideries. 
Two new FREE projects to entice you to learn new and exciting stitches.  We've added an Embroidery Projects Store tab where we've bundled the In-App projects and the 'Ad Free Version' of the App. 

In this update we've added one new In-App purchase project. We've reduced the prices on the other In-App purchase projects that are currently in the App. Once you have purchased an In-App project it will be placed in your 'Projects' tab.

The Gallery has more eye candy. Several wonderful new Embroideries to show you, some with links to our Etsy Store where you will discover the tutorials, so you too can create these works of Art.  We've also added links to some of the original version Gallery photographs that have tutorials in our Etsy shop.
When the Android version hits the store, it will be as current as this update.
Make sure you check the Blog or Facebook page regularly for when the Android version will be released along with some more new exciting apps, links will be on our 'About Arlene's Crafts' tab within the App.

We also want to read your feedback. Arlene's Crafts Embroidery App is certainly a tool that can travel with you. Who wants to carry several books around with them when they travel around the countryside or at classes or workshops or your chat and stitch sessions.  Whenever you need to look up that 'Stitch' or you want to do a small project while your away from home it's right there in your bag. 

Now if you've read all the way to the bottom of the page and you already have the Apple app downloaded on your iPhone or iPad, leave a review on the current version of the app, (click the app store link on the top left, you'll be directed to the iTunes store for you to leave a review). We really want to hear your thoughts, is there something you'd like to see in the next update or something that needs changing, please leave me a comment and you'll go into the draw to receive a kit with printed instructions of the "new" paid in-app project - Value $30 AU.

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Southern Cross Crazies 2016 Round Robin

As I've been ill the last couple of weeks (didn't want to sneeze all over Claire's stunning blocks) and working on the App update, I've spent today working on her blocks. I hadn't realised I should have left room on the pin keep the next person, so I've left the Scissor Keep for them to complete. Thankfully there are only three of us in this RR, so only one more to stitch.
 The needle Book
 The pin Keep

Monday, 18 April 2016

Having trouble finding our App.

Your on your iPad and your looking for our App.  Just follow the next few steps and you'll be downloading in no time.

Step one:  Open up the App store icon.
Step two: Type in the search box - Arlene's Crafts

Step three:  This is what you will get. No worries as the App is in the store. Just follow the next two steps.

 Step four: on the left of the screen you will see a heading. Click on the 'iPad Only' icon. This drop down menu will appear. Click iPhone Only.

Step five: Once you have clicked it, our App will appear. In this photo below it says 'Open', that's because I already have it downloaded on my iPhone and iPad. If you've already downloaded it to your iPhone, you will receive a 'DOWNLOAD' icon.

If not already downloaded you will get a green button that says "GET". Click "GET". The button will then change to 'Download'. You will need to put in your password to the App Store. Click download.  Once it is downloaded it will appear the same as in this photograph.  Click Open. 

Your next screen will be the opening page of the App.

Once you've had a play, please go back to the App store and leave feedback. It will help us enormously.


Sunday, 17 April 2016

Embroidery App update

Time to re-look at the Embroidery App.

Chris and I are both working hard on an update to the Apple Version of our Embroidery App. Chris is also working on the Android version too, (I'm sure a lot of you will be pleased with that) and we are also going to release a new App (we hope at the same time as the update). There will be more details in the coming weeks.

Some of the new stitches in the upcoming update: Coral Stitch, Pistil Stitch, along with Honeycomb Stitch and Plaited Braid Stitch.  There are a few more, but we'll keep them as a surprise in all 13 new stitches.

There will be a couple of more FREE projects also.

I will be looking for tester's so just leave a comment below if you'd like to help out.


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Twines in Nature - Available for Download

Have finally been able to convert this to a downloadable tutorial.  Here is the link directly to my Etsy Store.

More Boxes completed

Now we have several months in this location, Burrum Heads, Queensland, such a lovely place to be living at the moment. I have become involved in a craft group here and in April I will be running a class on making Crazy Quilted Fabric covered boxes. Here are two that I have created for the class, both of these are been donated to use as prizes for up coming Mothers Day Raffles.

The Beach Box:

The Pretty Pink Box:

 The Embroidery and Embellishments

 The fabric on the outside of this box was from their giveaway table that Dawn (our neighbour) had collected a few months ago, just goes perfectly if you ask me.

Now to creating one for myself, a Blue Christmas Box for our traveling Christmas Decorations.